• Easy Nursing Access

    Breastfeed or pump comfortably and privately, without ever
    removing your top.

  • Antimicrobial and Odor-Resistant

    Stay fresh with fabric that prevents the growth of
    bacteria and odor.

  • Comfort and Mobility

    Move freely with this soft scrub top that’s designed for superior fit
    and long shifts.

  • Professional Appearance

    Feel confident and integrated into your workplace with our
    versatile scrub top.

  • Convenient and Functional

    Transition effortlessly between your medical duties and
    nursing sessions.

  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

    Our pump-friendly scrub top is safe for mother, baby, and
    the environment.

  • Wardrobe Staple

    This adaptable top is perfect for busy days and transitions seamlessly into your wardrobe post-breastfeeding, even if you don't utilize its nursing capabilities.

  • Minority Owned

    Created and founded by a woman of color, who is a working mother in
    the healthcare field.

Breastfeeding Stats and Facts*

Breastfeeding is not only a beautiful bond between mom and baby, but it's also packed with amazing benefits for both. Embrace the health benefits and make your journey easier with our Pump Friendly Scrub Top™.

  • Benefits for the Baby

    ● 64% reduction in gastrointestinal infections
    ● 50% reduction in middle ear inflammations
    ● 36% reduction in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
    ● 15-30% reduction in adolescent and adult obesity

  • Benefits for the Mom

    ● 4-12% decrease in type 2 diabetes
    ● 28% reduction in breast cancer
    ● 28% reduction in ovarian cancer
    ● 10% reduction in cardiovascular disease

(*Benefits for baby are based on 3+ months of breastfeeding; benefits for mom are based on
12+ months of breastfeeding. - National Institutes of Health (NIH))

Beyond the Apparel

From functional apparel to providing resources and a community of support for
postpartum wellness, Mot8vate is committed to empowering mothers everywhere. A percentage
of our profits will be donated to Abide Women’s Health Services in Dallas.



We love serving and supporting mothers in various work settings. Read how our customers found balance between motherhood and their careers!

  • Gabbi K., mom of two

    "Mot8vate scrubs is a game changer for working moms. It has functionality and convenience that I never knew I needed in a top while I am nursing and pumping. The quality, look and feel of the scrub top is what caught my eye and is what I initially loved about it, and then once I used it to pump I realized this top is a must-have for moms on the go that are nursing. I loved the pockets, the zip, and the clips. It was easy and discreet. It all just works beautifully! I love it!"

  • Jolissa B., LPC

    “Where do I begin!? I'm a larger girl, so I was concerned about fit, comfortability, and accessibility. Mot8vate Scrubs exceeded all of my expectations!! Great material, fit perfectly in the bust area which I was concerned about, and my favorite feature of all was how easily accessible it was. I hate to feel like I have to completely undress to pump or nurse, especially when working and time is limited. The scrub top made life a quick snap away without feeling undressing or exposing more than what was needed and still looking professional. I will definitely be back to order more.”

  • Hope C., first-time mom

    “I absolutely adore Mot8vate’s pump-friendly scrubs! As a nursing mom, it’s nice to have something that offers cool, comfy and convenience! This scrub fits all body shapes and they are so easy to unzip when nursing or pumping calls your name.”